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Executive and Senior Management Team Building



Given the fast-paced, customer-oriented, and streamlined business environment, organizations can no longer depend on talented individuals alone for business success and growth. High performing teams across all levels of the company are a necessity.

At Meridien, we facilitate a variety of team-training and team-building activities within our clients. We begin any teamwork assignment by gathering data (often using instrumented feedback tools, or facilitated interviews/focus groups) that the team can use to measure its strengths and weaknesses. Then customized interventions, often including a training component, are built to serve the special needs of that team. Usually these interventions are designed around an important project which requires the attention of the team (for example: a strategic planning exercise), and sometimes the focus is more internal as the team works to improve its effectiveness through a focus on its own communication style, decision-making or conflict management approaches.

We have found that both training and process facilitation are more productive and satisfying for participants when our interventions are with entire intact teams, held either as multi-day "retreats" or team development sessions, or spaced regularly over a period of months or years. However, some organization have a need to orient groups of staff to teamwork dynamics and processes in heterogeneous groups, and we design training programmes that help these managers and employees to maximize the transfer of learning back to their departments and functional teams.