Meridien Consulting Associates Ltd.
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Meridien Consulting Associates was established in 1993. We apply the insights of psychology to help organizations improve the effectiveness of individual leaders, leadership teams and the cultures in which they employ their skills. Meridien’s principles are Dr. Calvin R. Brown and Maureen G. Brown.

Dr. Calvin Brown has over 20 years experience consulting to a wide variety of private and public sector organizations in Canada, the United States and in Europe. Maureen Brown has over 20 years of  experience working in and providing organizational development consultation to a variety of organizations across North America.


Meridien provides the following services to help organizations identify and fully leverage their human resources:

  • Executive and senior management leadership talent assessment and development support
  • Succession planning and leadership development process design
  • Leadership coaching
  • Executive and senior management team building
  • Organization culture assessment and development
  • Organization change management and integration support for mergers and acquisitions